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Globe High School Alumni Association

2017 Annual Picnic Information and Registration Form

The Globe High School Alumni Association was formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2009. By virtue of attendance at GHS, any person who attended GHS is a member. Click to see the charter and bylaws.

Current Board of Directors:

Chairperson:  Vernon Perry (Class of  1966)
Secretary/Recorder: Darlene Medina (Class of 1961)
Treasurer: Karl Foerster (Class of 1968)
Susie Hom (Class of 1968)
Anna Harmon James (Class of 1992)
Frank Lara (Class of 1959)
Linda Lopez (Class of 1966)
Nancy Phillips (Class of 1958
Tom Smith (Class of 1959)
Moquie Flores (Class of 2007)
Frank Struck (Class of 2014)
Patti Nolan (Class of 1971)

The goals of the GHSAA are to:

  1. Assemble and maintain a list of alumni along with current addresses (regular mail and e-mail) so as to assist classes in reunion efforts and provide information to GHS alumni. Addresses will be used by the GHSAA board of directors to contact you and will not be divulged to third parties.

  2. Plan and prepare for celebratory or commemorative events (like the centennial of the Globe High School building in 2014).

  3. Assist in the maintenance and revitalization of Globe High School Spirit and in the prosperity (academic and social) of those currently involved with the high school.

  4. The GHSAA supports the Globe High School Alumni Scholarship Committee and encourages members to contribute to the program.

If you wish to be recognized as a contributing member, a modest contribution of $5 or $10 would be greatly appreciated. You can send your contributions to our Treasurer, Karl Foerster (Class of '68) at 2053 N Willow Ave, Huachuca City, AZ. Make checks payable to the GHS Alumni Association.

For more information, contact Jo (Hardt) Foti (Class of '55) at 602-943-7048, Jim Phillips (Class of '56) at (480-671-6231, or Karl Foerster (Class of '68) at 520-456-1098.