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1966 60th Birthday Reunion


For those of you sitting on the edge of your seats, giddy with anticipation (etc.), here's the information for the GHS Class of 1966 60th Birthday Party! All events are casual dress.

Friday, October 3: 2 p.m. Homecoming Parade (We could make a birthday cake float…..)

5 p.m. No-host dinner, Chalo’s Restaurant, back room (aka Rolling Pin, Ash & 3rd)

7 p.m. Homecoming football game at Harbison Field (behind Holy Angels School)

Saturday, October 4: 6 p.m. Knights of Columbus Hall (Hwy 70): Steak dinner, dance, birthday cake

Vernon Perry has volunteered to provide the DJ equipment and music for the party. If you have any particular musical requests you would like to hear, please email to or include on the registration form. We are also planning some trivia interludes (verbal and pictorial via Power Point); please send/email questions or photos you think classmates would enjoy. (Vernon says, “…those secrets it’s now safe to reveal.”

Friday post-game, daytime Saturday, and Sunday are unscheduled. However, we’ve had some suggestions for optional activities: picnic at Round Table, CCC Camp, Pinals, or Community Center; golf; shopping (yes, there are some rare and wonderful stores in Globe-Miami; just ask Shirley!); tour of GHS; trivia/scavenger hunt. If you’re interested in any of these, please let us know.

We’re hoping that $25 per person will cover all the costs for the birthday party. (Postage alone is $33.18.) We have $1918 in a CD, which matures 2/22/2009, that was earmarked for our reunion in 2011. If you’d like to add an additional donation, we will deposit any money (hopefully) left over to that CD when it matures. Otherwise, we may need to withdraw to reimburse anyone who paid for cake, decorations, deposits, stamps, etc.

The classes of ’88 and ’98 have class reunions for the same weekend; therefore, some motels are already booked (e.g., Days Inn, Super 8, and Comfort Inn). At this writing there are vacancies at

America’s Best Value (remodeled Copper Hills) 928-425-7151; 888-315-2378

Apache Gold Casino (Best Western) 928-475-7600; 1-800-APACHE 8

Economy Inn (formerly Ember Motel) 928-425-5736

Motel 6 (formerly Cloud Nine/Ramada at Hwy 60/70 junction) 928-425-5741; 800-466-8356

Travelodge (between Globe & Miami) 928-425-7008; 800-578-7878

Bed-and-breakfasts in the area include:

Cedar Hill 928-425-7530
Copper Miner’s Rest (Miami) 928-473-8144
Dream Manor Inn 928-425-2754
Noftsger Hill Inn 928-425-2260 (Sleep where you learned to read!)

Non-chain motels include:

Belle-Aire Motel 928-425-4406
Budget Inn Suites 928-425-7666
Budget Motel (former Willow Motel) 928-425-4573
El Rancho Motel 928-425-5757
El Rey Motel 928-425-4427

Mary Ellen Rabogliatti Daugherty maintains a combined Class of 66 bulletin board and website at

If you received this via regular mail, we don’t have an email address for you. If you do have an email address, would you please include it on your registration and/or send it to so that we can save postage by emailing you in the future? In addition to reunion information, we try to keep everyone current on Class of 66 news and concerns. We’ve even set up some informal get-togethers when we know someone will be in town. If you prefer to keep your email address private, please indicate that, and we’ll send as a bcc.

Those of us in touch via email have tossed around the idea of a class cruise to Hawaii or Alaska. Please indicate on the form if you might be interested and any suggestion as to time of year, length of cruise, etc. Another suggestion is to meet at a resort in Tucson, Phoenix, or in the pines.

If you can’t be at the party, how about sending us a photo and sound byte or a digital movie clip that we can play/show at the party? Most digital cameras (& some phones) will do both. We can probably help you figure it out. Whether you’re coming or not, send those photos of Globe people and places from our school years.

Roger Allinson 928-425-6216
Vernon Perry 928-425-3666
Yolanda Gonsalez 480-694-9326
Sue Tippett 928-425-9236