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Reflections On A Silver Ball
Ricardo Moraga Lucero, GHS Class of 1949

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For forty years
we have crossed history,
flashed our special lights
and done ourselves proud.

The Globe of our day
was a medley
of many races speaking different tongues,
dwelling apart, but living together.

In our own time
most of us left these canyons.
With untried confidence,
never doubting our ability,
we made our own way;
we saw our day.

Today we return
to understand the bonds that unite us.
We come to define Globe;
We come in search of ourselves.

It is here we grew,
made our first tearful walk to school
and took our place in the wonderworld
of childhood.

Here as kids
we walked along our narrow streets
touching the buildings, jumping to slap at store signs,
artfully missing the cracks in the sidewalks.

we passed from innocence
to the guilt of adolescence.
Here we Became,
and prepared by our teachers and traditions,
we entered the awesome, bigger game.

Today we come for Reunion
with our own kind.
We bring with us our Special Lights
and explode in celebration of life.

In reunion
we recreate the reality,
the individuality of Globe.
We'll return again,
once more to shine,
whenever Globe High Tigers
fall in line.

Copyright © 1994, 1995, Ricardo M. Lucero, all rights reserved.
Used with permission of author.