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Reflections On A Silver Ball
Ricardo Moraga Lucero, GHS Class of 1949

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Globe Woman

Returning to my starting point
took light years.
So many I knew are gone.
Where is gone?

Yet in this change
There is one constant;
The Globe Woman.

In this region there's not more
Lovely, sensuous, inspiring
elegance in pattern.

Her hair, black, blonde, crimson-copper,
In the slightest breeze becomes
A pageantry of tassels and braids.
Her eyes, mouth, voluptuous breasts, her legs,
Move men to tremble with desire,
To pamper and endeavor to possess.

Her swaying gifts,
Her shape, is a construct of
Vibrating fullness, gentleness, firmness
That slips between your hands and beneath your body.

Capable of absolute surrender, complete honesty,
total love, she can caress, consume, and crush.
A hostile bliss, all the more coveted.

The reverence and delight of David,
The fragrance of a rose,
A mystique reborn each day
with the rising sun,
Above these lofty peaks.

Conceived in passion
She dances with the wind,
in tune with time;
though the dance is brief.

She is purity,
The proof of immortality,
Created for love.

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Copyright © 1994, 1995, Ricardo M. Lucero, all rights reserved.
Used with permission of author.

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