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Our Reunion

By Christyne A Cisterna
Class of 1967

Presented at the GHS Multi-Year Class Reunion 1963-1971
October 11, 2008

Friends, classmates, old lovers and heroes
We gather to reflect on days gone and forgotten.
Reminiscing about the experiences we had
In our years at dear old Globe High.

Who married who? Did she really?
Who got divorced? Oh no, not him!
How many kids? Grandkids? That many!
How many husbands or wives? Wow!

Reflections of our past history
And how it impacted our future;
Bring us together out of curiosity
Rather than genuine affection.

The goal of a reunion should be to see
The achievements and progress
Of a generation who was destined to fail. Yet...
We survived Vietnam, racial injustice and Miss Kennedy!

Sure, we're a little fatter, balder, wrinkled and grey.
We've earned it all, so what the hell?
Many of our classmates aren't here to tell
Their joys, their sorrows, their successes or woes.

So, before we say goodbye to one another;
And for some of us, it could be the last time.
Let us celebrate our friendship, our camaraderie,
Heal old wounds, rekindle friendships and embrace today!

Dear Classmates and Friends:

It was a pleasure and a privilege to share this past weekend with you at the Reunion in Globe. I never know when or what will be the inspiration to bring the thoughts and feelings into words. However, it wasn't difficult, as I reflected on my days and times at GHS. This poem came rather easily, where others have been more difficult.

I began writing in Jr. High but had never performed publicly until recently when I attended a "Spoken Word Poetry" night at a local club in Scottsdale. It has become a wonderful outlet of expression for me and I appreciated the positive response from those in attendance.

I look forward to hearing from any of you who are so inclined. Please email me at:

Please remember that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but rather the number of moments that take our breath away!

God Bless!