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Globe High School Alumni Association

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The Globe High School Alumni Association was formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2010. By virtue of attendance at GHS, any person who attended GHS is a member.

The goals of the GHSAA are to:

• Assemble and maintain a list of alumni along with current addresses (regular mail and e-mail) so as to assist classes in reunion efforts and provide information to GHS alumni.

• Plan and prepare for celebratory or commemorative events (like the centennial of the Globe High School building in 2014).

• Assist in the maintenance and revitalization of Globe High School Spirit and in the prosperity (academic and social) of those currently involved with the high school.

• Support the Globe High School Alumni Scholarship Committee and encourage members to contribute to the program.

Accomplishments since incorporation

• Contributions to the Globe High School Alumni Scholarship Fund.

• Establishment of the Globe High School Hall of Fame.

• Preparation of the Hall of Fame Room.

• Provision of liability insurance for class reunions to use high school facilities.

• Initiation of and planning for the GHS Centennial Celebration in 2014 (we had a great time.)

• Financing for the restoration of the G - It was beginning to fall off G Hill. The G was restored and the Rose Mofford Trail was added for safer access to the G. A fence was installed to try to hinder the Vandals. We are committed to maintaining the G in the future.

• Provision of funds for the electronic bill board on Ash Street to advertise school functions.

• Five new gas stoves and exhaust hoods were purchased for the Culinary Arts program, including donations from the Class of 1968.

• Rehabilitation of the class pictures on the walls of GHS --faded pictures were refurbished, and termite-damaged frames were cleaned and repaired. The pictures were digitally scanned and the copies safely stored with the AZ Historical Society where they are safe from fire or water damage.

• Computer storage of all Wigwams - This process is not yet complete, but when finished we will make the yearbooks available to for anyone to view on-line.

But, we are just getting started. We have several up-coming events and projects that we are excited about.

To accomplish these goals, the association needs your help. We need to expand our membership list. Please give us the names, addresses, class dates, and e-mail addresses of the folks that you know who attended GHS. Send them to us at the address below. We are also interested in your ideas about future projects.

We also need your help in raising funds to continue present and future activities We are entirely dependent on voluntary contributions since we have no dues. We are an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation so your contribution is tax deductible.

You may earmark your contributions for any of the projects listed above or for such activities as band or chorus, or just make a general contribution. Send your contributions to GHS Alumni Association, PO Box 2433, Globe, AZ 85502-2433. You can be assured that any amount will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.

The Globe High School Alumni Association is YOUR alumni association; please tell us what you would like to see accomplished.

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