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About The Tiger Den Web site

     The Tiger Den web site is a Globe High School alumni web site. Other than by virtue of the fact that I was once a student of Globe High School in Globe, Arizona, The Tiger Den web site is not directly connected with the administration of Globe High School. Nor is it affliated with any other web site or business with the same name, whether in the present or the past. While it is not the official Globe High School web site, it is the official web site for the GHS Alumni Association. Although I am the registered owner of the domain name, and the web master/operator of The Tiger Den web site, I want to make it clear that I do not consider it to be "my" web site. Rather, it is OUR web site!

     I first envisioned an alumni web site just for my graduating class, GHS Class of 1968. Just a simple site, not a lot of glitter, reasonably easy to navigate, a place to share information and make reunion announcements. As a result, visitors will undoubtedly notice that the section for the Class of 1968 has the most information, the most number of unique pages, the most photos, etc. I am willing to work with anyone from other classes to develop their sections in The Tiger Den web site.

     While there were many commercial web sites, such as,,, and many others, I felt their scope was too broad to truely capture the community spirit and pride of a small Arizona copper mining town. As I developed the first pages for the Class of 1968, my vision of what The Tiger Den should be took on a new life. I began to envision a site for all Globe High alumni, where everyone could come and express themselves through a public forum, and share their memories of GHS.

     In today's world where it seems everything has to be bigger and faster and more complex than ever before, I yearned for the bygone years where everything was smaller and slower and less complex. Ever since our 30th reunion in October 1998, I had been dallying with a design--and name--for a web site without making a lot of progress. Then came September 11, 2001, a horrible day in American history. Yet it was the impetus I needed to fulfill my personal vision of a Globe High alumni web site.

     Before I could fulfill that vision, I needed a few things: A web hosting site; a catchy web site name; and an easily-remembered web address. Of course, the web site name and web address also had to have some connection with dear old GHS. I easily found a web hosting site, and sent an E-mail to my classmates asking for suggestions on the web address and name. Fellow classmate Robert Cubitto responded with Unfortunately, that one was already taken, so I took the next best name,, and at least took Bob's suggestion of The Tiger Den for the formal web site name.

  • I launched the initial web site on 2 November, 2001.
  • Marty Houseman, GHS Class of 1949, has provided invaluable information regarding the GHS alumni Scholarship. Along with Priscilla Knuckey-Ralls, he has served as liasion with Ricardo Lucero, the talented home-town author featured on the Reflections pages. Marty has been a staunch supporter The Tiger Den web site and the GHS alumni Scholarship.
  • I established a shopping site for unique Tiger Den products in October 2002.

     I initially notified only classmates and family members by E-mail. Then I began picking a few names from the class lists within and sending them an E-mail (when you could still send an E-mail directly to classmates.) Friends and family and alumni told their friends and family and other alumni of the site. I submitted the web address to a few search engines, and the rest, as they say, is history.

     As I read the comments in the forum or message boards, and E-mail from so many alumni, I now realize The Tiger Den has grown into somewhat of a community web site. I look forward to those comments and E-mails. I look forward to your suggestions for additions and improvements and will strive to incorporate those suggestions to the best of my abilities.

If you wish to contribute to the maintenance of The Tiger Den web site, a modest contribution of $5 to $20 will be appreciated. If you wish to pay by check, send it to: Karl W. Foerster, PO Box 5027, Huachuca City, AZ
85616-1027. If you wish to use PayPal or a major credit card, click on the donate button below:

This Globe High School Alumni web site is dedicated to all GHS Alumni, staff, and faculty past, present, and future, in what I hope is a lasting and memorable contribution to the spirit and honor of Globe High School.

Karl W. Foerster, GHS Class of 1968, Webmaster/Owner of The Tiger Den web site.