Globe High School Hall of Fame


• To evaluate nominees for the Globe High School Hall of Fame.

• To select those nominees judged to be worthy of induction into the Globe High School Hall of Fame.

• To arrange a suitable setting for an annual induction ceremony.

• To assist in the maintenance of an approprate location for the recognition of inductees and the display of Globe High School Artifacts.

Membership: The board shall consist of no fewer than ten members, broadly representative of the various groups who have a substantial interest om the Globe High School Hall of Fame.

Officers: Each year, the board will select a President, Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer or a combined Secretary/Treasurer (can be decided on at the pleasure of the board.)

The President will be responsible for preparing an agenda for each meeting and for conducting that meeting.

The Vice President will serve as the President in the absence of the President.

The Secretary:

• will be responsible for recording the minutes of each meeting;

• will provide a report of those minutes at the next meeting and will ensure that that the minutes are approved at the next meetimg;

• keep records on the names and contact information for each board and committee member along with the dates of their service;

• receive all nomination forms for potential inductees and will distribute these to the Candidate Selection Committee in a timely fashion.

The Treasurer will be responsible for receiving and dispersing funds and providing a financial report at each meeting.

Standing Committees: Each standing committee will be headed by a chairperson chosen by the board. All committee chairpersons will be members of the board.

Candidate Selection Committee: This committee is made up of any board member who chooses to participate plus other members of the community (see list below) who are qualified and approved by the board to participatein the selection process. This committee is responsible for soliciting applications, receiving them, reviewing them, and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for the selection of the number of inductees thkat board has approved for that year.

As a goal, this committee shall consist of up to 25 individuals, broadly representative of various groups who have a substantial interest in the Globe High School Hall of Fame. Consideration should be given to the following:

• GHS Alum from classes in each of the prior seven decades.

• Individuals who have already been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

• Current students of Globe High School.

• Current faculty members of Globe High School.

• Members chosen at large from the community.

The selection committee must be chosen by June 3rd of each year.

Annual Dinner and Event Planning Committee: This committee is chartered with the responsibility of planning thke entire event for the annual awards including, but not limited to, planning the meal, planning the entertainment, planning the agenda for the awards presentation, providing the printed program, and arranging for the master of ceremonies.

Awards Committee: After selections have been made, awards will be presented and coordinated with the inductees. This committee will be in charge of all activities related to this process. Inductees and their families must be officially notified and arrangements made for them to attend the annual event. This committee is responsible for all activities relative to communications with the inductees and preparation of their awards.

Public Relations Committee: This committee may only consist of one or two individuals who are responsible for getting the word out to the community and receiving favorable publicity within the community. The program and/or book for the event are also the responsibility of this committee.

Sponsorship Committee: This committee is responsible for raising funds for the organization via sponsorships for the Hall of Fame programs.for Globe High School.

Hall of Fame Room Committee: This committee is responsible for the maintenance of this room including approving additions or changes within the room.

Board Meetings: At the first board meeting of the ensuing year, the board will designate a regular meeting time and a place for the subsequent year and will select replacements for board members. Additionally, the board will hold an election of officers. Meeting times will be provided to all board members 30 days in advance of the meetings. Times and locations may be changed by a majority vote of Committee Members present at any board meeting.

The quorum for doing business shall consist of 51 percent of board members. Regular business will be conducted by majority vote. With the use of various technological aids, board members need not be physically present to be "in attendance," so long as they are able to hear and to participate in the discussion.

Criteria for Selection: The following are general guidelines for the selection of inductees into the GHS Hall of Fame. Although these guidelines are organized separately for four different classes of membership, it should be noted that many potential inductees qualify in multiple categories and thus may not meet the exacting standards for any one category but, in combination, qualify for induction. Individuals may have achieved distinction in one or more of the following four categories: Athletic Achievement, Achievement in the Arts, Academic Achievement, and Community Service Achievement. Inductees must have attended some level of school in Globe or have been a teacher or administrator in Globe. Each year, the Board of Directors will determine the cutoff year for nominee consideration.

Athletic Achievement: Any person who has distinguished achievements in the field of athletics or other team activities as a student or coach at GHS is eligible. Achievements for consideration include All-State recognition or establishment of school/regional/state records. College and professional achievements may also be considered to support the selection of a candidate. The Candidate Selection Committee is authorized to recognize an especially high performing team that may have won a State Championship or achieved some other high honor. Other considerations may be taken into account, but may not take the place of the above criterion.

Achievement in the Arts: Any person who has distinguished achievements in the Arts either while a student or faculty member at Globe High School or has received recognition after graduating or leaving Globe High School for Achievement in the Arts. The Arts can cover a broad variety of areas from visual arts to music to writing.

Academic Achievement: Any person who has distinguished achievements in the field of academic excellence either as a teacher or student. Considerations will be advanced degrees achieved, and achievements in education and academics after graduating from Globe. Significant contributions to the fields of Education, Law, Medicine, Engineering, Applied or Basic Research will be considered. Globe High School teachers and administrators who have made significant contributions will be considered.

Achievement in Community Service: Any Globe High student/teacher/administrator who has distinguished achievements through contributions made to the community over a significant period of time. This community service may be rendered to Globe or any other community where the person resides. This service should take the form of leadership positions in community organizations, service agencies, business enterprises, military service, or elective office.

General Requirements for Inductees: In order to maintain the integrity of the Hall of Fame, inductees must exemplify the highest standards of citizenship, ethical conduct, and moral character. All nominees will be judged on their significant and/or long term contributions. The board will determine the number of inductees each year.

Candidate Selection Procedures: The Candidate Selection Committee shall prepare and distribute nomination forms in such a way as to make them available to the largest possible number of potentially interested persons. These nomination forms must include the criteria for selection, the name, address, telephone number and signature of the nominator (or of surviving family members if deceased) along with instructions for a narrative that provides the justification for the induction of the nominee.

Any person may nominate any person for induction into the Globe High School Hall of Fame. In addition to a narrative justifying induction, the nomination may include letters of recommendation or support, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, or statistics that substantiate the accomplishments and contributions of the nominee. A suitable photograph should be included if possible.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the timely and broad dissemination of Candidate Selection forms. Deadline for form submission is June 1st of each year. After June 1, the Candidate Selection Committee will meet to select the number of nominees that the board has ruled on. All discussions and votes shall be held in srtict confidence. A nominee will be considered for induction if that nominee receives an affirmative vote of two thirds of the Candidate Selection Committee. The number of candidates chosen will not exceed the maximum established by the board for that year. A report will be made to the board by the Chairperson of the Candidate Selection Committee. The board then must ratify the selection of each candidate by a two thirds vote.

After board approval, the Chairperson of the Awards Committee is responsible for the notification of successful nominees of their impending induction. The nomination form of any person nominated but not selected for induction will be retained and reviewed for three additional years. If a nominee is not selected for induction during that four year period, the nomination will be withdrawn.

Records: It is the responsibility of the board to keep all nomination records in a secure location. These records must be accessible at all times by the current President of the organization.

Provision for the removal of a previously selected Hall of Fame Member: The Board of Directors has the responsibility and the authority to remove any individual previously chosen to be a member of the GHS Hall of Fame if at some future date it is discovered that that person has been convicted of a felony or has in some way brought dishonor to Globe High School. This action requires a vote of two thirds of the board.

Revision of Charter and Bylaws: The Charter and Bylaws may be amended or revised by the board at any time, by a vote of two thirds of the entire board. Any proposed amendment or revision must be provided in writing to the entire board at least two weeks prior to a vote. For these purposes, a vote registered either by teleconference or by e-mail to the Secretary will count.

Further Considerations: All matters not specifically dealt with in this document are left to the discretion of the board.