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Support The GHS Band. Donations received as a result of this notice will augment contributions from other fund-raising efforts. Donations can be either be made directly to the Band Booster Club or through the GHS. If you chose to make a contribution through the GHS, you must specify that you want the donation to go to support the band. While both ways qualify as a tax deduction, only Arizona residents can take advantage of the school donation. For more information, and to make a donation, contact Richard Franco (current GHS band director and alum from the class of 2004) at or (928) 402-6124 or you can call the school at (928) 402-6100. Everyone can claim a deduction made directly to the Band Booster Club. A Facebook page has been established for GHS Tiger Band Alumni:!/group.php?gid=114358391920771&ref=ts

Support the GHS Alumni Association. The GHSAA has been incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Arizona. If you wish to be recognized as a contributing member, a modest contribution of $5 or $10 would be greatly appreciated. You can send your contributions to the Acting Treasurer, Marian (Wenker) Reams (Class of '54) at 1152 E Blazer Dr, Globe, AZ, 85501-2540. Make checks payable to the GHS Alumni Association.

For more information, contact Jo (Hardt) Foti (Class of '55) at 602-943-7048, Jim Phillips (Class of '56) at (480-671-6231, or Karl Foerster (Class of '68) at 520-456-1098.