Globe-Miami Vietnam Losses

Vietnam was the war of my generation, the Class of 1968. At our 20-year reunion in 1988, someone posed the question, "Did we lose anyone in Vietnam?" At the time, no one knew for sure. This page lists servicemen from the Globe-Miami area who lost their lives in Vietnam. The information was obtained from The VietNam Veteran's Memorial Wall Page. It may not be totally complete. Indeed, at least three names were brought to my attention by other alumni. When you view the names on The VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page, it lists the home of record of the service member's official personnel file at the time of their death, so there may very well be other Globe Alumni killed in Vietnam. If so, I would appreciate being informed of their names.

From Globe:

Floyd Robert Davis, Army, PFC E-3, 19 years old. Panel 01E, Line 20. (Home of Record is Whiteriver, AZ, but attended GHS)

Floyd Andrew Deal, Army, SGT E-5, 173d Airborne Brigade, 18 years old. Panel 27W, Line 29.

Robert Ernest Forshey, U.S. Air Force, MAJ 0-4, 37 years old. Panel 37W, Line 55. (Home of Record is Canoga Park, CA, but graduated from GHS in 1948)

Dennis Elbert Gilliland, Army SP4 E-4, USARV, 20 years old. Panel 05W, Line 123.

James Andrew Lee, Navy, SN E-3, no unit given, 20 years old. Panel 11E, Line 112.

Fernando Mendoza Quintero, Army, SFC E-7, 9th Infantry Division, 37 years old. Panel 4E, Line 53.

Paul Frank Sanchez, Marine Corps, CPL E-4, no unit given, 22 years old. Panel 62W, Line 17.

Phillip Warren Tompkins, Marine Corps, PFC E-2, no unit given, 19 years old. Panel 44W, Line 60.
From Central Heights:
James Daniel Aguilar, Army, SP4 E-4, 1st Cav Division (AMBL), 20 years old. Panel 03W, Line 43.
From Miami:
Jose Luis Gonzales, Army, PFC E-3, 198th Light Infantry Brigade, 20 years old. Panel 31W, Line 47.

From Roosevelt (attended GHS):

Kenneth Leon Green, Army, SP4 E-4, 101st Airborne Division, 20 years old. Panel 27E, Line 28
From San Carlos:
Jimmie Patten, Army, SGT E-5, 9th Infantry Division, 27 years old. Panel 36E, Line 29