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Reflections On A Silver Ball
Ricardo Moraga Lucero, GHS Class of 1949

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Before I wrote them
My poems were "spoken."
I'm not the first
to feel the words from there.
I am grateful I'm related.

Everything you see
has been there since before.
Are we not now in eternity?
We can see the past.
Aren't we also there?

In that enclave
you can think backwards
clear to the "Bang",
return to now and
ponder the future.

You can leap, fly,
reflect there, or
ride a ship of words.

Such happens in the
permanent pines of
hilly Gila County where
people vary very little
and reason very well.

There, Bunch and Henry
saw and spoke with
their long-dead father.

There, Mormons say that
Jesus walked.

In that vastness there is
being and becoming.
In that grandeur
you can see what will be,
What is yet to be.

Copyright © 1994, 1995, Ricardo M. Lucero, all rights reserved.
Used with permission of author.